Impact of Film in the 1970’s

Audience Awareness and Hit’s of the 1970’s


       All the Presidents Men was a result of the initial report on the Watergate break-in and to the revelation of the Nixon Administration corrupt campaign of sabotaging political rivals. Robert Redford bought the rights to adopt it into a screenplay in hopes of it into a film. This film relates to the motion picture business, because Robert Redford bought the rights to Woodward and Bernstein’s book in 1974 for only $450,000 with the notion to adapt it into a film with the budget of $5 million. The budget ended up at $8.5 million, but it grossed 70,600,000. This was a very popular film that came out in early 1976, and won four Academy Awards: Art Direction, Sound Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress. One could also argue that it was a great example the art of motion pictures, because it won the Academy Awards for, Art Direction, and Sound.

Jaws was the first blockbuster in motion picture history. Release in June of 1975, it was the first film to use Sidney Sheinberg’s scheme of wide release as a distribution pattern. It was an important film in the history film distribution and marketing, prior to the release most films opened slowly, and then grow by word of mouth. Steven Spielberg’s, Jaws opened in 465 theaters. This is a great example of how successful a film can be focusing on the motion picture business. With the forward thinking of distribution and marketing, a “High Concept” film about a killer shark budgeted at $7 million, grossed $470,653,000.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind a science fiction film about UFO’s written and directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Richard Dreyfuss. NASA at this time just put a man on the moon in 1969, and NASA continued with the Apollo program until the end of 1972. Then they began working on space labs, and working on the space shuttle. At this time, the world was fascinated with space, and also with life on other planets. Close Encounters of the Third Kind tapped into this genre that just had the epic film Star Wars come out earlier in the year. The Technology they used for this film is called Motion control photography, the process can involve filming several elements using the same camera motion and then compositing the elements into a single image.


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